Maritime Recovery & SCUBA Investigation Services

SCUBA Investigations/Underwater Search and Recovery Team

Maritime SCUBA Investigation Slider ImageNG Investigations, INC. provides a full-service SCUBA Investigations and Maritime Search and Recovery Teams. All of our divers maintain active SCUBA and tactical water borne operational credentials and experience. We can provide our Clients a highly trained SCUBA/Maritime teams on Security/PSD assignments for Anti Piracy, underwater recovery or salvage operations, underwater mapping, obtaining video and/or photographic evidence, accident scene reconstruction,  vessel and ship hull searches for contraband, explosives detection and underwater Search and Recovery operations. Typically, NGInvestigations, INC. will deploy between 3 to 8 divers per assignment.

Water response teams are deployable anywhere you need Investigators and Security that have specialty SCUBA search and recovery/operational skills.  Whether locating, a crime scene, evidence recovery, boating accident reconstruction or locating expensive items misplaced underwater.  Our SCUBA and Maritime specialists can assist and help in underwater Investigations and Maritime Anti Piracy.