Kidnap for Ransom Consulting

Kidnap for Ransom Consulting

NGInvestigations, Inc. can facilitate and initiate Consulting in the event that an executive, employee or high net worth individual is the subject of a kidnap and ransom event.

Our services will be focused towards the achievement of a successful outcome to difficult situations.  Our teams will provide:

  • The development of guidelines, training and standard operating procedures to minimize the risk of such an occurrence.
  • Effective management of the media and other interested parties, legal, corporate and family members.
  • Provide expert consulting services, negotiations and the development of appropriate tactical responses.
  • Response and complete management of Kidnap for Ransom situations.

Special and Advanced Training

Training courses offered by NGInvestigations, Inc. encompass a wide range of Security, Military and Law Enforcement elements and can be delivered across the United States of America and in certain foreign countries, delivered to private, corporate, Police, or Military units.

Our courses and training can be tailored to meet regulatory compliance with governing bodies or can be tailored to meet specific Client or Corporate needs.

Examples of some of the courses that we conduct:

  • Grayman Concepts for Corporate Travel
  • Surveillance and Advance Operations training
  • Counter Surveillance training
  • Patrol Rifle and/or Handgun (Law Enforcement/Gov Only)
  • O/C Spray
  • Improvised Weapons
  • Counter Kidnapping and Awareness
  • Advance work and Intelligence
  • Countering the Active Killer
  • Basic to Advanced Firearms training
  • Red Dot Pistol Fundamentals
  • Night Fire and Low Light Pistol training
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