Human Trafficking Investigations and Kidnap for Ransom Consultancy

The kidnapping, trading and/or selling of human beings into the sex, labor or Anti Human Trafficking Slider Imagedrug trade is a worldwide phenomenon.  NGInvestigations, INC.  has a worldwide network of resources and Intelligence assets that can assist in the locate and the speedy recovery of your loved ones that have been trafficked or taken for ransom.  On certain cases, in country surveillance, intelligence gathering and hostage negotiation-rescue services will be performed.  Areas we have accomplished our missions: South/Central America, Mexico, Canada, USA, Germany, Spain, France, Romania, Russia, Asia, Bosnia, Kosovo, Ecuador, Africa and the Middle East.

We can facilitate and initiate full service consulting in the event that an executive, employee or high net worth individual is the subject of a kidnap for ransom event.

Our services are geared towards the achievement of a successful outcome to difficult situations.  Our teams will provide:

  • The development of guidelines, training and Standard Operating Procedures to minimize the risk of such an occurrence.
  • Effective management of the media and other interested parties, legal, corporate and family members.
  • Provide expert consulting services, negotiations and the development of appropriate tactical responses.
  • Response and management of kidnap for ransom situations.


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