Risk Analysis and Threat Assessments

Intelligence and Threat Reports

NGInvestigations, INC. has access to the latest threat and intelligence data in our areas of operation. NGInvestigations, INC., Investigators, PSD teams and domestic and international partners provide excellent organic and timely information about criminal, political and extremist operations and threats in the area. This information may be used in a variety of situations to assess the pre-operation threat levels and to react quickly to emerging threats to our private, government and Executive/corporate Clients and filed assets.

Risk Analysis and Threat Assessment

NGInvestigations, INC. provides area, route and structure threat analysis. This type of analysis gives our Clients insights into their weaknesses and vulnerabilities. We will provide detailed recommendations for how to mitigate and counter know and probable threats. NGInvestigations, INC. will work with our clients to design top-to-bottom security and intelligence solutions within their budgetary guidelines.

NGInvestigations, INC. draws its experience from years of government and private sector service conducting foreign and domestic vulnerability, threat, and Risk Assessments. Our teams of Investigators, Intelligence analysts, former Law Enforcement/Special Operations Military personnel, former SEALs, Security professionals and Protection Specialists will provide comprehensive reports based upon the outcome of the assessment to our Clients and your facilities.

Facility Vulnerability / Risk Evaluations / Threat Assessments



Ports Facilities

Chemical / Petroleum Oil Lubricant (POL) Facilities

Industrial Facilities

Government Buildings


Events / Venues

Estates / Residences

Red / Blue Team Site Security Testing & Evaluations


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