Consulting, Protective Intelligence and Advanced Investigations

Personal Security Detail / Executive Protection

NG Investigations Private Security Detail/Executive Protection teams are available domestically and internationally to provide Executive Protection and security in any situation and environment. Through a careful pre-evaluation and consultation, we can offer the best single and multi-layer protection for our clients worldwide.

NG Investigations Private Security Detail/Executive Protection team composition varies depending on the area of operation and threat, but are typically comprised of a mix of US trained local operators combined with US based team leaders. This mixture allows for a greater degree of control over the operation while leveraging local knowledge, intelligence, resources and connections.

NGI’s PSD/EP teams integrate the latest technologies and real-time area intelligence to provide the most secure environment possible for our clients.

Intelligence Monitoring and Active Threat Reports

NG Investigations has access to the latest threat and intelligence data in our areas of operation. NG Investigations Investigators, Private Security Detail teams and domestic and international partners provide excellent organic and timely information about criminal, political and extremist operations and threats in an area of operation. This information may be used in a variety of situations to assess the pre-operation threat levels and to react quickly to emerging threats to our private, government and corporate clients and field assets.

Area Analysis and Threat-Risk Assessments

NG Investigations provides area, route and structure threat analysis. This type of analysis gives our clients insights into their weaknesses and vulnerabilities. We will provide detailed recommendations for how to mitigate and counter these threats. NG Investigations will work with our clients to design a structured security and intelligence solutions program within their needs and guidelines.

NG Investigations draws its experience from years of government and private sector service conducting foreign and domestic vulnerability, threat, and risk assessments. Our team of Investigators, Intelligence analysts, former Law Enforcement, Special Operations Military personnel, Security professionals and Protection Specialists will provide a comprehensive report based upon the outcome of the assessment to our clients, their facilities and specific needs.

Facility Vulnerability / Threat / Risk Assessments

  • Hospitals
  • Churches
  • Cruise Ports Facilities
  • Chemical / Petroleum Oil Facilities
  • Industrial Facilities
  • Government Buildings
  • Corporations
  • Events / Venues
  • Estates / Residences
  • Security Testing and Evaluations


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